Twofold Blooms
Giving Flowers a Second Life


Flowers: If you would like to arrange a donation of your wedding or event flowers, please send us an email so we can coordinate pickup. We will need some vital info from you.

Time: Are you an elementary school teacher that has a classroom interested in a service project? We need helpful little hands to decorate jars or pots to be used for the various holidays. If your classroom is willing to decorate, we are willing to supply the items needed. Please send us an email for more information.

Stuff: Are you a person that prefers to donate stuff instead of money? Here is our wish list. If you have any of these items just send us an email us so we can arrange pick up or drop off with you! Thank you in advance.

Below is our wish list...
Bud vases
Medium vases for nomination bouquets
Tea cups with saucers (they will get glued together)
Canning sized glass jars
Terracotta pots (small to medium)
Those small plastic baseball hats
(sometimes used for bowls of ice cream)
Just about anything else that is cute and can hold water, just ask!
Floral foam
Floral wire
Floral tape
Old glass/cup racks
(from restaurants or serving kitchens)
Decoration supplies for holidays
(things that are sticky or can be glued to containers)
Money: If you are the person that would rather donate a few dollars instead of stuff, this is the spot for you!  We appreciate your thoughtfulness in considering our organization. Any amount is greatly appreciated but if you would like to sponsor specific things here is a general list of costs.
$35.00 gets 1 case of vases from the dollar store
$100.00 provides supplies for a classroom service project
$250.00 provides arrangements to a facility with 0-20 beds
$400.00 provides arrangements to a facility with 20-50 beds
If you decide to sponsor a donation to a facility your name will be listed on the cards that go with each arrangement, or if you wanted to sponsor a facility donation on behalf of a person or event we can list that. If you would prefer to be left anonymous the card will read “Donated by a kind soul with a big heart”.
Facilities we already partner with.
Orchard Path – Apple Valley
Farmington Health Services – Trinity
The Moments - Lakeville
Highview Hills - Lakeville
Beehive Homes - Lakeville
Contact us for more information.