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Nominate a Senior Living Facility

Thank you for wanting to nominate a senior facility!  Please check out our list to see if your chosen location is already there. Can’t find it?  That’s ok you are in the right place. Please provide the information below so we can begin the process of adding them to our list.

How it works: Once we have a chance to process this information we will coordinate a drop off to them of a bouquet of flowers and a letter letting them know their facility has been nominated by you and asking for the important details we need from them if they would like to be added to the list.  Once we hear back from the facility we will let you know.

We do it this way because not all facilities will be able to participate and we need to be able to respect that.

Currently we can only take nominations for facilities at this time as we do not have enough volunteer staff to deliver arrangements to individual homes.

Nomination Form

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Facilities we already partner with.
Orchard Path – Apple Valley
Farmington Health Services – Trinity
The Moments - Lakeville
Highview Hills - Lakeville
Beehive Homes - Lakeville
Contact us for more information.