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Hello there kind soul! We are looking for volunteers that can help with one or more of the following things: 

Pick up donations: Could be flowers, could be supplies.  Times will vary a lot and could be late in the evening. If you have a larger vehicle that would be a plus! We will notify the volunteers of a pick up time/location and you can let us know if you are able to give us a hand. We will provide you with a hat or name badge so that when you arrive, they will know they are releasing the flowers/items to the correct people.

Transforming the blooms: Once the arrangements arrive, they need to be worked with or put into water pretty quickly so they can be stored for transport.

Delivery: Loading the arrangements and hauling them to the facilities.  For now, sadly, this is all we can do but we hope that soon we will be able to deliver to the residents directly because it’s their faces that really make this all worth the effort.

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Facilities we already partner with.
Orchard Path – Apple Valley
Farmington Health Services – Trinity
The Moments - Lakeville
Highview Hills - Lakeville
Beehive Homes - Lakeville
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